Low light transition in anim graph

I was following a tutorial about how to do a head rotation control. Before I was about to create a “Transform (Modify) Bone” node in the anim graph, the transition light was ok, but after I connected it’s input to"Default State Machine" and “Final Animation Pose” the transition light went a bit dark.
I was trying to see the source of that problem and seems like it comes from the blendspace animation

I ignored it and continued with the tutorial and it appears that the neck does not follow the mouse anymore even if I set the Spring Arm in the mesh and gave in the socket “Neck_2” bone. I did the same thing in the past and none of this happened.
What’s going on?

Why do we always forget fast when we start to hurry up on something, just why?
I fixed the problem by making sure that the “Event Tick” node is connected to the “UpdateHeadRotation” node which it wasn’t.

Topic solved