Low Framerate, CPU/GPU idle

Hey guys.
Started with UE4 for about a month ago, developing with VIVE VR. Yet I testet only in Viewport or as Standalone and keep wondering what my machine is doing. Overloading the scene crushes the Framerate, but the CPU and GPU both seem to be idling around not knowing what to do. I would expect the hardware to increase its power when needed. How do I get the GPU/CPU to actually do its work?


What are your hardware specs?

Windows 10
Core i7-6700k, 4GHz, 8 Cores

My only guess would be that it’s using the 6700Ks iGPU for some reason.
I’ve never had a CPU with an iGPU so I have no idea how to check.

That’s a possibility. Those stats should be fine, are you getting poor performance regularly while the CPU/GPU isn’t doing much? It’s not going to push them if it doesn’t need to.

Tried yesterday Standalone version with “t.maxfps 90” and “stereo on” for Vive VR, UE4 editor closed. The Framerate was steady 90 and constant deltaseconds between frames, graphicscard was scaling up from 40% to 80% load, all 8 CPU cores at about 50% load.
However when getting close to many objects at once, the framerate in the Vive is horribly, though 90FPS and const deltaseconds.

Performance when Editor is running is still bad, hardware not scaling up.

As well having problems with UE4 and Displayport (4k Monitor). The performance within viewport is great, but as soon as the viewport looses its focus (mouse out of viewport) the performance is horrible, about 1 second lag, even when hovering over something, the highlighting lags.
Tried downscaling to full HD and setting the resolution to full HD, does not change anything.
Out of UE4 the system runs well on displayport.
Using an adapter Displayport->HDMI and a HDMI->HDMI cable to connect the monitor, the performance is ok in UE4.

Yeah, the framerate within the editor and whatever you’re doing is very inconsistent, I’m not sure the stats on the editor performance and how well things should be running there. As far as having many objects–each object increases draw calls and every material increases is further so to help with performance in a game you have to consider merging some objects into one especially if they use the same material, or use some techniques like Instance Static Mesh Blueprints

On the HDMI/Displayport stuff, I’ve found at our office that adapters to HDMI have very poor success rate.

Thanks for your replys.

We creating Procedural Meshes at runtime. Not much possibility using instanced meshes for that. But DeltaSeconds ware steady anyway, so not need for performance optimization (yet)? All objects were visible at the same time. At about 1m distance, the frame rate in the Vive is great (90). Standing 10cm aways from everything and the Framerate in the Vive is horribly, even though 90fps is displayed. All meshes been clustered in about 1m³

Displayport only works with adapter to HDMI^^, pure displayport->displayport crushes performance.