Low frame rate from having 5 different skeletal meshes with their respective material


I am getting low FPS (around 40-45) whenever I display 5 animated characters onscreen at the same time on android device (Honor 8 pro). Each of the character have their own material and texture(they are simple material with single texture). I get full 60fps if only one character is shown or if I show 5 instances of the same character. Does anyone know how to have multiple characters on screen who do not share material between them? I have edited the project settings to optimize whatever settings I could for android performance like turning of HDR, bloom etc. I get full 60fps without the characters. Its only when I show them onscreen it drops below 45.


Edit: I found the solution. For anyone looking for similar performance solution, the models I was using had influence per vertex set to 5 in Maya. I reexported the models with influence per vertex set to 4 and got full 60fps.