Low fps

I’ve start using ue4 some weeks ago.
I’m creating a game with Blocks and I have a problem.
I generating my world with static mesh, a lot of static mesh (40k actors).
And my fps are low ^^ very low (2/3 fps and epic freeze).
My mesh : Desktop Screenshot 2018 05 21 19 38 17 84 — ImgBB

Dont know what to do to improve performance cause I need to create the world and the underground.
Hope some of you have some tips ^^

You have too many draw calls, 40k is much too high, you need to reduce the number of objects as low as possible.

I’ve seen people talking about that, but how am I supposed to draw less object ? Can I create 1 object from many others ?

Or can I change the way ue4 draw my object ? And use raycasting ?

Read technical papers about how Minecraft and other voxel games deal with optimization. I’m pretty sure there’s already a Minecraft style voxel project you can download and use as a starting point on these forums.

It depends on how you create the objects, on a very basic level you can combine several meshes into one static mesh, but you can also do stuff like instanced static meshes in Blueprints.