Low FPS problem

Well, i have put my FPS to be set at 60 but when i play on editor or launch the game its droping on 10, 7 and again high up. It is going doing every 1 second and comes up and keeps doing it in the hole map except of one place at the end of the game.

I think they are having an issue with this. I am also having the same problem. Have you tried other versions too?

So changing the version doesn’t work!

can you post screen shots of the scene please? it can be due to plenty of things (too many lights, meshes, complex shaders …)

Normal view

Light complexibility view

Lightmap density view

Unit view

hi! thanks for the screenshots.
you can check a few things that can help you :

  • do you have any streaming warnings?(like pool over sizeor anything else?)

  • be sure that the culling is enable in the project settings/ render, as there are many rooms in your map.

  • ca you do gpu "sample " : " control + shift + , " and detail it here so we can see whats is consumming ressources?

thanks !

Today i opened my project and as i was testing the level, i saw the fps to be good! I hope to stay like this but i will answer to your 3 questions that you put it on me.

no i don’t have streaming warnings
its enabled
i didn’t understand what to do

great news :slight_smile: !
you ll se the gpu visulizer is a great tool to see whats consuming GPU ressources. i use GPUZ as well to monitor gpu ram and load.

Ok thank you for your help!

ok, my game is on 30fps but i still have a little bit lag. Does it matter the pc that i have?

PC specs:

  • i5 4690 3.4ghz
  • 8gb ram
  • gtx 760
  • PSU 750w

any help?

So as i figure out its about the shadows when i put them on low, it stops lagging, when i put it at least medium it starts again. What can i do?