Low FPS on new PC, and right click menus not working

Hi, I’ve recently bought a brand new PC, with a 3080 TI, 64 GB RAM, i9 processor, etc… but Unreal Engine is struggling with low FPS, dropping to 20-40 fps in-editor, and even in the Blueprint editor, when dragging around the view, or moving nodes, or scrolling in the details and other panels, it’s stuttering really badly and I’m not sure why. On my old PC, which had a 970, 16 GB RAM, and i7, I never experienced this.

I don’t have anything going on in the background, and in the task manager it says it’s only using 2600 MB of memory (total memory usage is only 15% with all apps included). I’m using 4.26.2.

Also, probably an unrelated issue, but it keeps happening even though it never did on my old PC either; after a few minutes of using the engine, any right click menus (either in the content browser, blueprint editor, or on assets in the scene) open and close instantly, not letting me do anything. When this occurs, tooltips also appear transparent too, sometimes letting me see through the window if I don’t have the window docked. The only way I’ve found to fix this is to close and restart, but it’s incredibly frustrating having to do so every 5 mins! Also sometimes when this happens, Unreal just freezes, doesn’t crash and show an error message or anything, just freezes and I have to close it through the task manager.

Any help on either of these issues would be greatly appreciated, thanks!