Low fps in editor

I am getting extremely low FPS in UE4 editor. It occasionally runs normally, and i notice it sometimes runs perfect when all windows not in use have “realtime” unchecked. it is driving me crazy and i have to get it fixed! i can no longer work around this problem.

I have included my dxdiag.txt. Please help! :frowning:

link text

I have been having this exact problem for a few months now and its been driving me nuts to. I have checked to see if my GPU and CPU are throttling and they are not. for some reason its like the editor is dropping my fps to 15 for some reason on purpose.

t does the same to me I turn everything on low but still only fps idk if mits the version im running or what bc I can only run 4.17.3 atm bc I don’t have a feature level 5 grapgics card so I really need this to work because im way behind on the game im working on

Check if you don’t have fps limit enabled?