Low FPS In Editor - Standalone Runs Great

I’m getting very low frame rates (10-40) when I’m in even just starting levels. But when I launch them to standalone windows, they run great! (120+). With SLI 1080’s I’m fairly certain it is not the fault of my hardware, but I will attach my dxdiag for you all nonetheless.

I’ve noticed that the frames aren’t always low, since when you enter a new level they start high. But, a couple times when I have clicked onto the content browser or some other editor component, they seem to dip to that lower range.

Note: I’ve already disabled the GeForce Overlay


This is normal when standalone game working better than in editor, but with that huge fps difference I think this is problem with Nvidia overlay - try to disable it when working in editor, should help. Anyway, you should have better fps in final game, for example, because lod build and visibility. Editor is not optimized, but you can set view to lower lod, lights etc.