Low-end CPU with Mid to high-end Gpu

New to forums and Unreal,being playing around with UDK for two months.
Decided to try learn as much about game development as possible.Been through a #$%&-ton of Digital tutors courses for UDK and some for UE4 and even learning C++ with pluralsight.UE4 seems the way to go for me anyway.
I’m contemplating getting a subscription but don’t know if my pc would even run UE4.


Gpu: MSI R9 270 2GB :slight_smile:
Ram: 8GB DDR3 1333MHz :slight_smile:
OS: Windows 8.1 64bit :slight_smile:
Cpu: Intel Celeron G1620 Dual Core 2.7GHz <------ :frowning: kwa kwa kwaaa!

I’m worried about my CPU(Quad core recommended),will I at least be able to lower the settings to get 30fps?
Not looking to do a Destiny reboot or anything,just practice and learn the ropes till I can get decent CPU.
Anyone else have a similar setup to mine care to share their experiences?


The editor might go too slow, since it’s going to depend on the CPU more than the game will.

Is this with regards to build times?

Build times will definitely be super slow–both building code and lighting rely entirely on the CPU, but the editor itself will probably be slow as well.

Ok thanks,guess I need to upgrade first.

Downloaded 4.6 and it works,at least so far.Don’t know but maybe 4.6 added a lot of performance optimizations or maybe need to test more.

Resolution Scale:100%
View Distance:Epic
Post Processing:Epic

Editor Viewport FPS: 65
Play in Viewport FPS: 70

Is that into empty project?

With starter map

With the starter map,Shooter game gets about 40 Fps in viewport.

wondering if a A10-7850k with a gtx 970 would get me maxed out settings at 60+ fps , im also considering going with the Haswell pentium anniversary edition which is only 2 cores and 2 threads so I thought it would bottleneck the editor so I figured the 7850k would do better with it’s 4 modular cores ( essentially 2 cores slammed into one core and told to do the work of 4 cores )
and if the 7850k can’t do it then I feel that the Carrizo will be able to
Looks promising compared to my setup.I’ll be getting either a FX-6300($85 on Amazon) or might just get FX-8320.I think these would better utilize a gtx 970 than an APU(If not now then in the future when multithreading support improves).