Low CPU and GPU usage

how can I do, in my game when it needs to use all, use all CPU or GPU?

no matter how many Ai I add to scene my CPU and GPU usage not go above 37 % ?! I test it with 10 AI 60 AI and 120 AI results are the same just FPS go down ( around 60 ) but no change in CPU and GPU usage.


And my GPU is 1080Ti

Task manager show CPU usage across all cores and AI is not multi threaded (I think i does not even have it’s own thread) and work does not scale to other cores. So you CPU is used 100% for UE4 use case

UE4 has many threads but game realted once are Game (runs all game logic including AI), Rendering, Sound, Networking. I seen signs of some asynchronous tick system in enigne code but not sure how it works and how to enable it.

But even so you never gonna use 100% of multi core CPU with a game due to simple fact that even with multi threading, there task dependency waiting. Game as program are very sequential in nature making it hard to divide tasks to threads efficiently.

thanks, shadow for the reply.

do you think this Article can help? I can’t figure out how did this.