Low Cost Filler

Hello, I want to take my modeled out jar object that is about 260 triangles and textured at 512 to look like a pill bottle, I want it to be make out of glass with the lid and label standing out, which I have got done, it looks amazing, I cannot show it cause of NDA however, but what I want to know is.
Without cranking up the poly count is there a way to make it look full of tablets or pills?
I was thinking particles, but I don’t know how to do this type of setup in unreal and doing it in 3ds max would just export out as a mesh.
Also, its just a static prop, they wont be jumbling around or the bottle will not be moved what so ever, just a shelf aesthetic asset.

Adding a simple mesh inside for a fluid seems to be pretty light weight, but not sure how that type of approach can be done for stacked separate non solid contents. Even maybe like marbles or candy would be the same approach I would think.

The reason I need it light weight is I want MANY!!! of these along the shelfs of medical type room.


I’d use a texture applied to a cylinder within the bottle.

OR, a texture with a heightmap applied to a bumpoffset node within the glass material to give the impression that there is depth to the pills, and use a mask from the texture for the opacity so the pills arent see-through.

this is fairly basic stuff though, you need to think creatively.