love the new documentation menu!

I just wanted to send a shoutout to the docs team, and teh website team.

I love the new laytout of the docs, and table of contents now branches to practically every page in the docs, without giving me the runaround. I can do everything in a completely linear way.

I think you guys have really hit this one out of the park. Please don’t forget to add pages to the table of contents as you ceate them :). That will be essential to keeping the experience intact.

Cheers, Rigel

Hey Rigel, I move this thread to Feedback section of the forum so devs can read it! :slight_smile:

I totally agree. It’s a huge improvement. I always felt lost in the documentation and could only navigate by searching.

yeah its great. makes the docs seem cohesive. would love an offline version.

Win HTTrack won’t do this.

I tried to create an offline copy using winhttrack. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the table of contents because it comes in from another part of the website. I’m not sure where that part is.

WinHTTrack tried to grab the top level page plus the table of contents and it failed to get the table of contents.

This means that if it can’t grab the table of contents on one page, it won’t be able to parse and build the table of contents on any page.

Perhaps there’s another program out there that can do this.

Regards, Rigel

I just made an offline doc of UE4 and here is my method.

1.Use scrapbook add-on for Firefox to download the offline doc of UE4.
2.Export the project from scrapbook to any directory.
3.Copy code “table of contents” in index.html to a new xml file.
4.Use python script to make table of contents file (.hhc format) needed by HTML Help Workshop.
5.Compile the HTML Help Workshop project to get the .chm file.

Because the .chm file I made is so big, I just send my Python script to you. So, could you please send me your e-mail address?