Love the html5 option! Need a video tutorial though

Its really cool to have the html5 platform option!! As an architect I think this option is great because it makes it very easy to access architectural models for clients or other people who has an interest in a particular construction project. Im a subscriber and ive gone through the documentation and ive watched the tutorial on how to download the source code, but I still cant make the html option available in UE4. Obviously its me who is missing something/dont understand the documentation, but I would love a video tutorial on how to set it up?


Here you have docs how to build HTML5:

But keep in mind HTML5 uses WebGL for rendering (which is not really part of HTML5 standard btw) and i dose no work on all browsers and all GPUs (some are blacklisted) and does not run smoothly on mobile, so i recommend you do some alternative ways to access your content aside of that. Also keep in mind it WebGL is based of OpenGL ES standard so it has same limitations as mobile rendering, so you should work on project like you targeting mobile device.

Play around with WebGL demos to see how it works on you target devices and browsers :slight_smile: :

Thanks shadowriver! the webgl link is very helpful! I think it has a great future in archviz, I’m just not sure it’s yet a viable solution because of the limitations as you pointed out. Im still gonna wrestle with it though :slight_smile:

Does anybody have any tips or the pipeline for getting the HTML5 UE4 working? I’m trying to get UE4 to run in Browser “Edge”. I have linked the HTML5 SDK platforms file path to “EdgeCP”. I launch in editor but it fails to load Global Shader Cache -PCD3D_SM5.bin.