love having multiple displays

I have 3 27" Dell displays. Makes working with UE4 and game dev much nicer.

Yeah… Too bad my electricity bills hate them so much.

I used to use 2 monitors for most things but I upgraded to 4k and find i can fit it all on 1 screen now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve switched to 4K as well, I’m using a 40" 4k screen, still some times is good to have separate screens specially when play testing and watching debugger at same time.

Try decreasing the brightness on the 2 lesser used screens.

I keep my tower on my desk, so I’m unable to have more than 1. =P I can see the usefulness though.

I have a 27" 1080p + 19 1440 for my main computer and another 19" for my linux server with a switch if i need 3 monitors. But its rare i need 3 monitors, i use mainly for server things

I think at least two monitors are very necessary 3 isn’t very useful at least for use with one computer.

In the future perhaps i buy a 29" ultrawide monitor (2560x1080) or any 27 or 29"/ 4k for retire one of the 19" monitors not decide what going to be more useful, what do you think?

I think for work its better a ultrawide but never try…

Darn… Now I want multiple monitors! :frowning:

I started using 3 displays a couple years ago (gaming). Just last year I replaced my 22" displays with 27" displays. They are the biggest display my monitor stand supports and I don’t want anything on my desk.

This picture is right after installing the new 27" displays.

I love to work with multiple monitors as well. But the UE4 screens are a bit annoying as they seem to be attached to certain views. When you open a different tab, the screen on my other monitor minimizes too (annoying!)

So your saying that if you minimize the main editor window, all other windows minimize too?

For LCD this works opposite, unless you can change intensity of light source under screen. So unless your monitor is lit by LED and has some power regulation for them it will not work.

3 monitors here. One for UE4 main window, second for dedicated asset editors (material editor, bp editor etc), third is in portrait mode which is perfect for the details panel, scene outliner, output log and visual studio.

Within a month of getting into UE4, I went out and bought a second monitor specifically to make using UE4 easier and more productive. Still not enough screen space though (they’re only 1080p), but I can’t fit any more or bigger ones on my desk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that is pretty, I only have 2 27" 1440p panels. I had a 3rd 144Hz one but the backlight bleed on it forced me to return it

That is a very nice setup!

Thanks. I need to post an updated picture with my new keyboard/mouse and desk mat.
I was using the MacBook Air in that picture to get online. The displays weren’t connected to anything when the picture was taken.
I also moved a couple things around.

Meh, i’m cool with one.

you know, in Egypt a 4k display price can get you 4 * 52 monitors :smiley:

Unreal made me realize that i actually want a third screen.