Loupedeck ct and unreal engine 4


Is there any way to make Loupedeck ct control the camera with precision in unreal engine 4?
I have seen mono gram cc got a profile to control UE4 amazingly and I was wondering if there is a way or anyone try Loupedeck ct with UE4.


I have exactly the same question, but with the Loupedeck Live.
Is it compatible with Unreal Engine?

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I’m a year late in this reply, but, I can tell you a “reliable inside source” at Loupedeck “might” have mentioned to me they are currently in talks with Epic regarding deep integration with Unreal 5. So it’s coming… clears throat allegedly… Cheers!


Sounds very cool. cant wait to see how it will work :wink:

I dont mind to be beta tester if they open it up

Heh I told them the same thing. If I hear anything about that I’ll hit you up here.

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Also hoping this happens
I tried to use it as an generic midi controller in UE5 but no luck

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I also recently got the Loupedeck Live, and it sounds great. Thanks for the info. I’m already looking forward to it.

Have you been able to configure it to use the Color Grading controls (The Wheels, sliders etc…) inside Unreal Engine using the Loupedeck? Alongside cameras etc…

Any updates on this topics? In the process of building a vcam rig and a loupedeck would be a great addition

I paused my Amazon transaction to investigate this possibility.

Anyone able to verify if compatible?

This seems will noy happen any time soon.

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