Lots of problems with 4.21 - missing files, broken meshes

I’m having several problems with UE 4.21 and am almost about to give up on UE(!)

For a few weeks I have been having an issue with meshes created from geometry brushes. I create a set of brushes, assign 3 materials to faces, then use ‘create static mesh’ to turn them into static meshes. All seems to work fine…for a few days. Then suddenly out of nowhere the ALL the meshes created with this method in my project lose their materials and revert to only 1 material! it still shows 3 material slots for the mesh but only 1 material is shown on the model. No idea if I am doing something wrong here - its really frustrating as it seems I have to redo my meshes (3 times now - so have to stop and do these in blender I suppose)

And now I open my project today and 4 levels have disappeared - both from my project view and the hard disk! no idea why they are just gone - have just lost a weeks work…now I guess I have to backup every time I use UE4

Is anyone else seeing these problems or is it just me?

Don’t give up on UE. Steep learning curve but pretty smooth once you work out the kinks.

  1. Always backup, use a source control. TortoiseSVN(free) or Plastic(not free but cheap and super simple). You learned the hard way, atleast it was only a couple of weeks. Always always always backup your work no matter what you are working on. They call it “programming in the wild west” if you don’t backup, now you know why, not criticizing I did it too.

  2. Empty the intermediate build files

  3. Right click in your folder view in the editor, fix up redirectors

Are you starting from a fresh project or did you convert to 4.21? Sometimes materials don’t transfer properly between versions, null references can cause loading issues on your maps if they are trying to load levels with null material references. Texture streaming on? That can cause issues for certain physically based materials.

Any chance you accidentally enabled the in editor source control?

Thanks for your reply…

  1. yes I do, though have been thinking about taking the extra step of source control - regular backups are why I only lost a week; but its the xmas period you know…my problem is with files just disappearing suddenly. It was an external HD and a ‘repair’ seems to have gotten something back - still seeing if I can salvage my work. (only UE files I was working on that disappeared though, nothing else from the HD…why…)
  2. I will have to look this up - its something I am not familiar with - maybe its a common UE4 practice.
  3. I’ll try this too.

It is a fresh project, but with lots of stuff from marketplace and some of my old assets. Its a month old project I started fresh on 4.21 - feels like I am seeing more problems then with previous versions of UE, but this might be because its a more involved project. Also this is not a map loading issue - to be clear - the files on HD were deleted - I’m not just talking about content browser.

texture streaming is on I think - I will check that. null references - not sure how to check but haven’t seen anything.

in editor source control…maybe…I saw something about it at some point so will have to check that.

Thanks for the directions…

I’ve been experiencing similar issues with UE4 where files just randomly get deleted, or projects go corrupt. Never had a problem before, but in 4.18 for instance I’ve had a few files go missing which broke a project and I didn’t figure out what the issue was until I noticed the missing files. Another project completely corrupted after I restructured a few folders. I made sure to fix up redirectors and all, yet when I reloaded the project it said all the files were missing and my maps were empty despite them showing in the editor content browser as there. And lastly an old 4.15 project now loads up as completely black, and then crashes whenever I load the example maps from the content browser. The only way I could fix it was by migrating the content folder to another project which resolved it, but why did it corrupt to begin with?

I’ve been using UE4 for quite some time but these last few issues within the last couple months has definitely given me concern over losing progress.

Yes me too - now I am religiously backing things up with multiple versions every day. Its kind of given me a crap xmas! Spent 3 days now trying to recover my lost work - probably could have redone it in that time, but I made a bunch of decisions I don’t want to lose :frowning: I’ve had many little problems before but none like losing 3 whole levels completely!@!#!

I dont have this particular issue but I also regret updating to 4.21 this bloody thing is the worst it randomly choses when to Compile ALREADY COMPILED levels, I have to wait when the level gets done compiling and later when I want to play test that level I have to wait for the bloody thing to do the exact same crap all over again.

This version of the engine is a nightmare I dont like it and they best speed up a new update soon to fix this crud.

I was in a situation where I had about 4-5 backups and only 1 wasn’t missing the files. So be sure to even check your backups. =P

I feel like its a 4.21 thing - I have another game, very similar with 40 levels (this one only has 10) - does all the same things with level streaming etc. Has always seemed very solid. This new project started on 4.21 has many problems - this is just the worse one. That project was on 4.19.

Of course maybe I’m just unlucky this time…

Well I got unlucky again. Now I’m trying to package my game and having all sorts of problems. Game was working fine in editor, then I packaged - first time all the nav meshes failed so my enemies spawn and just stand there (as I said works fine in editor). second and third package attempts show a black screen and nothing else! Then a shutdown editor, restarted pc, opened editor and -boom- all my settings have gone from editor and a blank level is being shown. I have a backup from yesterday but hopefully I have not lost my entire days work :frowning:

Very unhappy at UE4.21 right now

Hey guys, im having problems with my project, i was following a tutorial for a while and working on a BR project for a week now, came back this morning only to find my project has disappeared, im very new to Unreal, however i have been saving my files correctly nothing went wrong, until this morning, i was greeted with an empty scene! The weird thing is, i still have all my assets and materials and blueprints in the Contents, but nothing in the scene, so the project is in there somewhere!