Lots of Crashes with logs and details to replicate

Hey there Dev’s,

Super stoked the Dev Kit was updated, but I am also super bummed that I cannot get any modding done due to the sheer amount of crashes that happen when I do just about anything now it seems. I just updated to the lastest github Dev Kit files before launching, and the massive amount of crashes hadn’t started till now.

Also, I noticed last night that custom items even if setup correctly as a consumable CANNOT be used as such. I went to go test it again after the update to the binaries and plugins, but as soon as I try to open my inv with the I key, the Dev Kit crashes.

Attached are the 3 errors I keep getting repeatedly.

If a dev would like to be shown all the settings for the custom items to double check that I’m not doing it wrong (99% sure I’m doing it right), I’d be more than happy to let them teamview on my rig for a bit to help track down the culprit.

PS: I put a little summary of what actions I was taking at the time of each crash to further help identify the problem.

EDIT: I updated the Dev Kit, but crashing still continues as soon as a UI is opened it seems. UMG is not a happy camper it appears.

EDIT2: Problem has been fixed.

Hey sinarisinestro, sorry to hear you’re having issues!

I know there is a cooking issue with custom mod consumables not getting referenced (end up not being usable) that is getting fixed today. A change is targeted to go out tonight which gives you guys an option to extend the global game data inside your mod maps so you won’t have this issue. I have not seen these editor related crashes around it before though, I’m PM you for more details about working directly with you on solving this one.

Thanks for the speedy response :smiley:

Alright, awesome, as long as it is on your radar! So the editor crashes I am experiencing may not be connected to the custom items at all (I don’t think it is personally). It mentions UMG in all 3 of the error logs, and all of the errors occurred around UI interactions.

Note: also I’m not sure if this is intended at this point, but my testmap when simulated has 2 unpossessed “Survivors” that spawn in as well by the wall and just stand there. Doubt there is a connection to the crash between these two, but just in case I figured I should mention it.

Should be fixed now. (Can see little more here [FIX] Dev Kit Crash on opening Inventory - ARK: Survival Evolved - Epic Developer Community Forums )

i getting this when i starting it uo