Lost scene when updating version

I’m still learning UE4 and I’m afraid I’ve made a dumb mistake. I have a project in 4.7.6 that I’m trying to open/update in 4.8.1, but when I try to open a copy the project defaults to the generic chairs and table. I can see all my assets and folders in the content browser, but the scene I created in the viewport/ world outliner. “Minimal_Default” seems to be the map I was working off (?) but I never created a specific level (?). When I load “Minimal_Default” in 4.8.1 in the copied project its just the default UE scene. As an artist I’m kind of clueless on how the hierarchy of creating a working project goes, so any advice on how to better stay organized/ fix this issue is much appreciated!


I found this tutorial about UE4: How to Update/Convert Projects to New Version of Unreal Engine 4.
I think it help you.