Lost Paragon

Title : Lost Paragon

Student Submission : No

Credits to sourced content :
Megascan assests
Paragon: Agora and Monolith Environment - EpicMarketplace
Megascans Trees: European Black Alder (early access) - EpicMarketplace
Blueprints - EpicMarketplace
Music - The Ark by Smilegate RPG / LOST ARK OST / CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0 KR

I created a work called The Lost Paragon at this Unreal Challenge : Better Light Than Never.

First, I thought about the concept of how to express the lighting well, and I composed it as a space that feels like a temple that I usually wanted to make. And I used Paragon’s data to express the fantasy atmosphere.

Lighting maximizes the effect when it encounters a reflective material, and fortunately, it found and used the desired material in the paragon data.

In addition, in order to actively utilize Unreal Engine5 Lumen GI, the last scene of the sequence production was designed to be expressed in real time using Emissive’s lighting and Directive Light’s indirect light.

Thank you for watching my work.

Engine version : UE5 5.0.2