Lost Newbie

Hello. I’m a brand new user of UDK Editor and I wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been programming CAD systems for 15 years so I have experience with 3D objects. I also have some experience with 3DS Max.
I have been reading and watching tutorials, but my version of the UDK Editor (2014) does not seem to match anything I’ve seen. I cannot get a project screen and I do not get any of the browser windows that the tutorials are using.
Is the free downloaded version a stripped down version?
Do I have to do some set up that is not included in the tutorials?
Are the tutorials using different versions than mine?

It’s pretty hard to get somewhere when you don’t know where you are starting at.

Also is there a good text book that you can recommend that I should be referencing

Thanks in advance!


Do you mean UDK or the UE4? When you mean UDK, please post your question into the UDK forum: :slight_smile:

I havent tested UDK 2014, but normally you shouldnt see any big differences between the new and the old version.

You are using UDK and (probably) watching tutorials for UE4. They are totally different products, and no, there is no free version for UE4 (apart from the academic version).


UDK is the free version of unreal engine 3, unreal engine 4 is the one with a project screen and it costs $20 a month.

UDK is Unreal Engine 3. It is free to use, and has no stripped-down version. Are you sure you are not looking at Unreal Engine 4, which is new and subscription-only?

Thanks everyone for your reply! Wow sounds like I’m more confused than I though I was. LOL I will check out the what I am actually using and adjust accordingly. Thank you for your time!