Lost marketplace content after upgrade to 4.1

Just upgraded to Unreal 4.1 and I lost all of my marketplace content with the exception of the Effects Cave. Not sure if this is a bug or what caused this, but I thought I’d post just to be sure. I’m running UE4 on a Mac. Thanks!

The marketplace content needs to be updated after updating the engine so you need to download them again and make sure you choose 4.1.
If you switch back to 4.02 in the new drop down list in the launcher you should be able to see your old downloaded content examples, they’re just not compatible with 4.1.

They are compatible actually, you just need to open them manually with 4.1. There is additional content for Content Examples project though so you may want to download it again.

OK. That make sense. Thanks! It would be nice if these would still show up under My Content with a version appended next to them and an uninstall button as the space they take up isn’t trivial. That would be preferable than going through the file system too as it looks like the names have changed and this can get confusing.