Lost in Red Valley

Hi everyone! Here’s what I’m currently working on. Lost in Red Valley. A survival game set in fantasy feudal Japan!

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Happened upon this on Twitter, it’s positively vibrant. I cannot wait to see more!

Game world looks cool. It works well with the surreal basis of the plot of getting stranded in a mysterious place. What features of UE were used to generate and place grass?

I’d play it! :smiley:

Hey! @presto423 Thanks for the comment! Grass is a lot of hand-painting, but for the landscape bits Im using automatic generation!
Grass itself is made in Zbrush, baked in Substance Designer and then all the texturing is done inside Designer. That’s my usual workflow for vegetation.

@Neongho Then subscribe and play it when it comes out! =D


Im really happy that you like it! I will show more very soon!

Don’t show upload please I wanna try it : D :rolleyes:

Haha, I don’t like spoilers either =) So I can understand that

New devlog is out, have a look guys!