Lost Everything :(

I attempted to add one of the content examples from the vault, and it asked me which project I wanted it to add to. Rather than adding it…it overwrote EVERYTHING and now it wont load at all. The project file is gone and so is all of my content. Time to start over now… :frowning:

Be aware when adding things to project and always backup.


Which content example was it?

Hmm, that cant be (except your assets had the same name as the ones from the example) ->

-which folders are still in your project?
-are you sure that you are in the right project?
-are your assets still there (when you open the content folder) or are they gone? :slight_smile:

I attempted to add the sci-fi hallway. It somehow (bug/glitch?) erased the content of the folder I tried to add it to and replaced it with only its own stuff. I could see my assets, but they said they didn’t exist. I closed it and attempted to re-open, but it had disappeared on the launcher. I navigated to the folder, and only the sci-fi hallways stuff was left.

You should always use version control, it prevents these kind of situations. GitExtensions is a really easy to use and easy to setup GUI for git vcs. You can download it here: (This download is safe, so don’t worry).

Check your Content folder and see if it made duplicates of the old assets before adding the new one. There is a glitch with the file manager that causes it to not delete the old ones, this glitch might have worked in your favour.

Checked again, no dice. Seems to have overwritten it all. No worries. It was just learning stuff (mostly) anyhow. Hopefully I can re-figure out some of the stuff at had made :slight_smile: Thanks all!

When you are lucky, you can still use some backup/autosave files :slight_smile:
Just go to your project folder - saved - autosaves/backups - copy the files - paste it into a new project

I didnt see anything in there…but I’ll check again after work. Maybe I’ll get lucky :slight_smile: It did force me to start a different project and see how much i actually learned. So it’s not all bad I suppose. Thanks.