Lost empty UV set on Import that's needed. Is it possible to add an empty UV set in engine?

Title kinda says it all., but

I have a material that’s links to specific UV sets across multiple meshes. Though some meshes which have two UV’s in CAD. When I import them they only have one. I can’t find any options to preserve this and I’m not sure if it’s CAD - FBX or Import into UE4 that’s causing it. But I need two UV sets for my material to be assigned to the right coordinates.

So far I’ve only see that it’s possible to add a UV set using blueprints?. Can’t find an option in the Mesh editor. Looking for a solution



Likely its cad fbx export.
you can try passing it to blender.
I have no issues importing 10 uv maps per object (including “empty” ones where the uvs are shrinked to nothingness).

Don’t have it installed and I have about 10 meshes per actor I’d have to import then export - It’ll be a big time drag on all production.

I had a look in the fbx exported but couldn’t see anything. I’ll re-import it into a clean scene and see if it’s still there - Currently I’m leaving one Poly scaled right down in the corner to make sure it’s still there but this a bit of a pain.

Okay - It did still have two UV sets when being imported - But the first set -The blank one lost it’s name.

I know UE4 can make a UV set for lightmaps and I’ve seen UV tools from what looks like an older version. Also seen some blueprint nodes which allows adding and inserting UV’s.

Also when I say blank I mean I’ve deleted all the polygons from the UV set - Adding one poly back onto it did make the set show up again which is my current work around

could it be udims?

There is no such thing as an empty uv. The uv is always just shrunk down to 0,0 size but its never empty.
and unreal doesn’t use uv names at all…

Interesting… So when you delete a poly from the UV in the software it just moves it?.

Well I’ve found a work around for now so I can use the correct texture co-ord the way I need in the material