Lost ChromaKey in Set Brush from Texture

Hi Guys!

I have a problem. When I’m setting an Image of my ImageWidget by hand it reads the ChromaKey correcly.

But when I want to do the same in Blueprints (on Widget Contruct)

I have this:


I’m importing the textures from folder using Rama’s plugin and my Images have .jpg extension.

Should I use another node in setting Brush or something else?

Thanks in advance for any tips :slight_smile:

No idea.Maybe the JPG compression is altering the background color? But if it was that it would probably not work in editor either… hmm…

Sadly still no progres…
I’m waiting now for some new images but in .png - as I heard they keep info about transparency.
I will get you know when I test it :slight_smile:

And thanks for Your answer :slight_smile: