Lost Character file for ART plugin. Can I retrieve it?

I recently had to re-install UE4 and update it to 4.4.3 (in this process i had a problem and ended up un-installing ue4). When i attempted to access old animations i had done, i realized that the character file i had used was gone (due to the un-install). Is there any way to retrieve this? I have all the maya projects that contain all my animations.

Hey maki!

Really sorry to hear that. I take it your animation files were likely saved in a place outside the MayaTools directory?
I didn’t write the uninstaller, but I can guess that it probably wiped that entire folder, which includes the MayaTools.
You could probably reconstruct the file, but I’m afraid it’s probably gone :frowning:

I would suggest pulling your MayaTools folder out of the Unreal Engine directory and putting it somewhere local on your machine. You may want to check your system restore points too to see if you can grab that file before it was removed from your system.

is their any way to re-associate the animations with a new character file. I think i could recreate the skeleton i had ruffly

Sorry I missed this comment! Yes! If you were to name the files for the character the same and place them in the same project, it will automatically find and use them. otherwise, when you open an animation file, it should prompt you if it can not find the files for you to browse to new ones.

okay thanks a ton ill try that