Lost a project file for no reason at all

I just noticed today that one of my games just vanished for no reason at all. It’s just gone, I didn’t do anything to it, it just disappeared. Why did this happen? How did this happen? I think I need to get an external hardrive soon so I can backup my games to make sure this doesn’t happen again. But please, someone explain to me why/how this happened.

This disappear from epic launcher or from your HD? This is important. Check physical location on your HD. If project is here, click it and will be added to epic launcher. If you can’t find it on your drive (use search, maybe is in other location), use restore software, here many free over the web. You can start from Recuva, just watch to not install Avast! :smiley:

Also always is good to have backup copy somewhere, maybe doubled on dvd, external hd, use and in cloud. Not mention source control on github od p4v, but for single developer, good backup will be enough.

Now, When this happens to me, its because my project was stored externally (IE flash drive and so on).

  1. Figure out where the project was stored.
  2. figure out if the stored location is stable (as this might not be something easy to direct)

Like i said it might have been placed external, or ram disk, I cant see your stuff so.
if you find the project in your folders just reopen from within the folder and it will show back up in the launcher/engine launcher.



I have all my games stored in documents/Unreal Projects. All my games are there but this one is not there anymore. It’s like it never existed.

Whoa, whoa hold on a minute! I found it in administrator?! wtf was it doing in there and not in my projects folder? I guess I didn’t lose the file after all. Edit: Just transfered it now to my projects folder and it works normally. Why did this happen? I do not know.