Lost a level on my project

I was working on a level when the engine started to freeze for a moment every time I moved the transform gizmo, i saved the level and all the assets and closed the engine to see if that was the problem. After restarting my computer and open the engine, the level i was working on is gone, but the assets are still there.
The map is not in the projects folder. Is there any other folder I should look at? any idea of why this happened?

Hey Lolhost,

Did you look in all of the folders within the Content Browser for your level? It’s possible that it saved in an odd location. There is also the possibility that the level itself never saved. Did you ever hit ‘save all’ or ‘save all levels’?


Yeah, i saved and loaded the level several times before that happened. Anyway I had to load an autosave from way before i last saved, so not all is lost. Thanks for your answer.

Hey Lolhost,

I’m glad you were able to save your work by obtaining an older save file. Let us know if we can be of any additional assistance.