Losing my mind trying to simply import a metahuman

For the past couple of hours I’ve just been trying to simply import a metahuman…Of the default ones given. Not one I created. I’ve tried using the external quixel bridge app but I’m using ue5 and it is now inside of the engine. I’ve tried downloading the files separately and moving them into the content folder. Nothing is working. Here is a video of me in a fresh project demonstratign TI TWNTOWTOASDFOIi

No idea, open it in UE4 and then migrate it. Not a fix I know but if you need it now.

could be a file pathing issue? were you able to do it before? maybe try a blank project and see if that works.

How weird. try to restart the editor, and when importing it do not do it from the “local” tab but from the “metahumans” tab to check if there are any errors in the files and you should download it again.