Losing focus when creating variable in blueprint editor

When creating a new variable in the blueprint editor, the Details pane will lose focus after editing “Variable Name”, “Variable Type”, “Editable” flag, etc.

The Variable needs to be continuously re-selected during the editing process.

Version UE 4.4.1

Hi FutureJames,

I have been unable to reproduce this on my end. Can you be more specific. What type of variable did you create? When you say lose focus, can you describe what you mean? On my end, the only time the details pane changes in when you alter a segment of the variable that either adds or removes functionality from that variable, such as variable type.

Hi ,

Having some trouble reproducing this after a . It happened when I was working on a large project for a few hours and had several blueprint tabs opened at once. I was editing variable values in the “details” pane (expose, editable, etc) and the details pane would keep losing focus and sometimes randomly switch to another variable.

I guess this should be marked as resolved.


UE 4.4.1
Windows 7 64bit