Losing control: destructible meshes

Hey guys,
short story: I am using Ray Traced Distance Field Shadows in combination with destructible meshes. Once I create a destructible mesh out of my StaticMesh I lose some control over it. For example, i want to set the distance field resolution on a destructible mesh or raise the mass of it (so that my wall doesn’t fall over when i walk against it). But the options or not there.

That being said, my goal is to create a fully destructible level. I use, as I said, Ray Traced Shadows.

So how would you do this? How is it handled in Fortnite for example?


Distance Fields do not support Destructibles so there is no way to set the DF resolution with them.

Mass is currently bugged with Destructibles and cannot be set.

If you want the mesh to not fall over when impacted you’ll need to set the Support Depth to at least 1. You’ll then want to check the flag for World Support. This will, in essence, make it supported by the environment so long as it’s touching or overlapping any static world geometry.

I hope this helps,