Losing AnimGraph in Animation Child Blueprint

Good Morning EPIC Team and the rest of the Community.

Right now we polishing a lot our Project and we where on the way to clean up our Animation Blueprint and stuff like that.
We wanted to Split up the Animation Blueprint into 3 single AnimBP’s.
MasterAnimBP for CharacerParent, then one Child for Character and Child for Bot.
Parent: Both are able to walk run.
Character: First person stuff inside and so on.
Bot: only Bot stuff

It worked pretty well with normal Blueprints.
As sonn as i reparent my CharacterAnimBP to the Parent/Master its still fine,
but as soon as I save and restart, the AnimGraph + Subgraphes are gone.

Check Screenshot. Any Ideas? Any Variable with _0 on the left side, going to be deleted. But
i want to keep the graphs for sure.

greetz Phil

EDIT: We found this post: Anim graph not appearing - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums
Hm okay it seems it work like it should. But why it isn’t available, i don’t get it :-/ could be usefull.

Seems that no one cares about it. Very sad.

Seems that you can only modify event graph in animation bp child and this is not a bug.

Did you find any way to get the graph back?
Happened to me 5 years later, still not fixed.
The problem is that, the warning pop, warning you about data loss doesn’t appear the first time you change the parent … and you are still able to modify the graphs until you restart …