LootItemSet remap (supplydrop remap)

Hey guys,

I tried everything to get my mod to work but unfortunately i havnt been able to do this.

I am trying to change the itemlootset of supplydrops. I have made some assets. (you can see them in the attached picture)

Also i followed the instructions of ROBBOB4 ( Supply Crate Tutorial - Pastebin.com )

I have changed the lootitemsets and testet it with and without override set with the standard one. In the Supplycrate asset i changed the lootitemset to the new one and to the old in combination with the lootitemsets.

Can you help me ? i have no clue what im doing wrong.

You have remapped the supplycrates AND lootitem sets in the primalgamedata_bp under the “remap supply crates” section correct?

I have changed the item set override in the Supplycrates to the new lootitemset_252 and in the primalgamedata i added this:

And thx for the quick reply!

And my Output files look like this:

Yes i have. Is that wrong?

How do you know it’s not working?
When you load your game, press ESC, does it show the mod name and your description (e.g. are you sure you are actually loading the mod?)

the description is there but the loot in the crates is the same as before.

Does your level map point to your PrimalGameData_BP?


Maybe i have to change anything here:

Everything you have posted looks correct, I’m not sure why you are having the problem that you are. Are you testing your mod in singleplayer, or on a dedicated server? If it is singleplayer, it should work just fine ( I would think).

Also, you no longer have to forceload “TheIsland”. When my make your mod correctly, the game will recognize it as just a mod and only use the information given for game files.

im testing it in singleplayer and waited for the beacon to come down and looted it. But there are always the old loot items in it

i could upload the files so you could get a look on it if you have the time

do i have to item set override the Lootitemset supply drops?

It looks like you have it correct. You do realize that level 25-60 drops have the lootitemsets from lower levels too right? IE: the level 60 supplycrate can pull items from all 4 lootitemsets right?

yes sure, i have changed every itemloot into the new ones.

do i have to cook a map or game mod? i have cooked a game mod

Did mine as a mod. Does it work if you test it in the editor?

can i spawn the beacons without waiting until they come down?

Not that I have found. What I did to test it was to add about 8 crate drops in the test map and just waited till they came down to check them

it works in the editor but not in game