Loot dropping from Dinos. . .

Hello everyone.
I am wanting to get into modding ark. I am a total newb.
I am not a newb at modding games though.

What i would like to learn to do first, would be to edit dinos so that items only drop from them.
I would like to remove engrams for some of these items so that the only way to obtain it, would be a drop from a dino.
I would also, at some point, like to make these random drops.

Some of these items would be items contained in mods as well.

Where would I start in doing something like this?
Any helpful input would be welcome.

You need to look through the Dino Inventories, then you need to remap all of the dino entries in your mod.

Have a look at the T-REX and other large dinosaur inventories. They are the larger ones that generally already have RNG items.