Loot, containers, HUD, Inventory


So, seeing as how I have a lot of questions being relatively inexperienced I will separate my questions:

  1. I am looking to implement in my First Person Survival game a thirst and hunger system. How can I create containers, cabinets, car trunks, ect that randomly generate lootable food, meds, ammo, gear, clothes?

  2. Taking a page from Escape From Tarkov, how can I create an inventory window that shows stats like health, hunger, water as well as their inventory slots and a 3D render of their character with their looted clothes? I want to keep the player screen as empty as possible to increase immersion and tension.


  1. I would also like to emulate Tarkovs looting as much as possible. How can i get my player character to interact with the container their looting? Pulling open a filing cabinet, opening a car trunk, ect?

This is a lot…I know. This is ambitious I know. But please, I would really appreciate the constructive advice! Thanks in advance!

It would take dozens of pages to address all of it here. However, you’re in luck as this has been done countless times by now. You will be much better off following a tut:

This one seems to be close to what you're trying to achieve. Inventories are moderately complicated.

For hunger system, again:


Hope you’re not disappointed with the answer. Consider posting a more specific question if any of the elements in the system you need gives you grief.

If you need general advice/opinion regarding what is more suitable or when you actually do not know how to approach a certain issue, head out to the forums for more open-ended answers.

Good luck.

I assume their looting animation is done by using a “two bone ik” on the characters hand and setting it’s location to a socket on the container being opened(in world space). Then an animation is played on the container and the hand follow it naturally. In theory of course, you would have to mess around to make it look good im sure.

Edit: you need to use the “transform modify bone” node as well to rotate the hand too the rotation of the same socket you set up earlier. Also I suggest posting questions like this as multiple questions in different sections as people of differing proffessions might only be able to answer parts of your question. Anyway, good luck :slight_smile:

Inventory and interaction might be a little hard.

Thanks for the response!

Thank you!