Loot Container problem!

Hello, I made a video trying to explain problem

Here is my dresser blueprint.

Here is my loot container widget.

And here is my loot button widget that is added as child in Loot container widget.

Everything seems to work as shown in video. Any help is much appreciated. Any other images or info needed please ask i’ll do my best to answer thank you.

i dont like your system, i mean this click and take, why you dont use drag and drop?

Because im not familiar with drag and drop or how it works. Just using the basics to get working correctly.

watch those two videous and you would be able to make cool drag and rop in your game.

Looks like something is going wrong with one of your “ForLoops”. I also see a “ForLoopWithBreak” nested in another “ForLoop”. Don’t know if this is causing the problem, but this does look a bit strange to me.

Im assuming inventory button clicked is for the dresser widget. try doing a “Set” for inventory button clicked somewhere in the beginning of the construct to -1, also i would setup a refresh on the widget so it updates whats avail in the dresser in real time. let me know if that helps, I have made loot containers so i can try to help you through this. you can msg me on hangouts - lordevilpoptart

Hello and thanks. Yes the inventory button clicked is set and fixed my item issue with this


Now this is my problem i can reset the inventory live but its not logical
This is where i call the event


And the event switches out the overlap quickly to resize inventory


So question is their a easier way or better way to do this?

does the method work? Very similar to how i have mine. Out of the remove index i run two different refreshers. one for the chest, and one for the widget itself so i can see it in real time.

That should be fine, I use a plethora of these nodes in many of my blueprints.

I insist on mechanics rework dunno.gif