Loot and pick up class

I’m slowly learning Unreal and have begun on a test project in C++, a simple action RPG type game where I have a main character running around with a sword. As a side note, I’m not new to game development but I’m making the switch from Unity and I’m trying to learn all the best ways to work with C++.

For the sword, I simply attached a mesh to a animation socket in the main characters blue print to get things started, but now it’s time to create a real sword through code so I can add different weapons to pick up and use.

I’ve been trying to think of the best way to make a weapon class that I can attach through code and then started thinking perhaps it should be a loot class which has a weapon tag so I can also use it for other objects.

I haven’t thought ahead to a inventory system yet which might change how loot is created.

Are there any tutorials on loot/pick ups etc that someone could point me towards, or can anyone suggest the best way to approach a loot or weapon class so I can pick up objects and use some as weapons.

I’ve found a few interesting tutorials, but they all seem to be in blueprints, which isn’t what I’m interested in.