Loosing Materials after Sketchup Re-sync

I am having a problem whereby last week I developed a scene for a deadline this week and needed to make a small tweak in sketchup (add some windows) but when I re-sync Twinmotion loses all the applied materials and also any scenery (vegetation etc) that was applied to any surface of the model. I am almost having to start the entire scene development again as it appears that for some reason TM is treating the sync as a new model import.

Any ideas before I start what was quite a long process again from the start?

The latest update was supposed to fix the vegetation issue but it still does the same to me. If nothing changes on the landscape side you could just import a new model of the building and copy the colours from the old one. Sorry no quick fix.


Yeah it still deletes the vegetation. Eventually I found that the “sync” button is probably the worst way to do things as Twinmotion now lets you import a SU model directly and refresh it as and when required. I started the whole scene again sadly but at least now it doesn’t lose its sync because its tied to the actual model rather than a sync ID.