Loosing focus on GameFolder

When deleting a folder inside Game folder in Content Browser,the Game Folder will still be selected but browser will lose focus and display multiple of class elements in UE4 and not content of game folder, to fix it , you have to select another folder and then select back again Game folder , but if there was only 1 folder inside Game folder and you deleted it, You will lose focus on components in Game folder and there is no way to see content of Game folder alone by selecting it.

The only solution then would be to filter out classes so you can finally only see the blueprints and widgets inside Game folder.

Hello Trice-

A similar and related issue was also posted by another user here:

I’ve included the information regarding having only one folder inside the Game folder. Another solution would be to use the arrows below the “New” button in the content browser to take the focus back to objects inside the game folder. Thanks for your feedback


Doug Wilson