Loops in UE4

Hey guys I’m new to UE4 and I had a doubt.
I created a matinee sequence to turn a light on and off - I essentially want to create a flicker, which is activated by the box trigger, and once the player actor steps on the box I want it to flicker indefinitely. Hence I created the infinite loop (while 1>0) . However, I do not think that is allowed in UE4. How do I make the light flicker indefinitely? I’m sorry if my doubt is very minor but again, I am extremely new.

Thank you very much!

You should probably use Tick for something like that, or maybe a While loop with a delay(I think that should work). When you execute an infinite loop what happens is the engine tries to execute all of them, and then freezes when it uses all your CPU to do it infinitely.

Check out Timeline like here:

Or maybe a looping Timer could work too.