Looping timer only plays twice

My goal is simply to trigger a function once a second to refresh a player list.
I’m not sure why but this blueprint will only trigger the “Refresh Players” function twice, then it will just stop.
I’ve tried this in multiplayer and single player. Each instance will run the method twice and then stop.

This is on a widget.

Any help is appreciated. The blueprint is attached as png.

If there is an easier way to do this, please let me know.

Don’t use sequence.

Event on Initialized -> Set Timer by Function Name -> Call Function

Process is similar to the following. Disregard the clear timer part.

Or, if you must call a function:


Better than retyping names.

Thank you @Rev0verDrive. I created a custom event as you have shown here and my timer works now!
Also thanks, @Everynone for the alternate setup. I didn’t try it yet but may in the future. In this setup would my functionality go in “NewFunction_0” or the arrow on the right side of “SetTimerByEvent”?

Good question.

In this very case the function is called immediately as Initial Start Delay is set to -2. So there should be no need to call the function after the timer. While this *almost *always works, there are instances where it *could *fail and then calling it as **Rev0verDrive **suggested might be a safer approach.