Looping time counter

Hi, all!

I’m trying to create a system whereby I can count up to a certain number in seconds and when that number is reached it reverts back to 0 and starts again. I feel like this should be simple enough, but I’ve searched and attempted myself with Timers but no luck.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

What you’ve described is just this:


It will fire an event every 10s. What’s the catch? What are we missing? Do you need to show the seconds counting 1 by 1 somewhere? Or display time?

How do I get it to revert back to 0 and start again when it reaches a certain number? Thanks

Revert what to 0? The timer is Looping. It will go back to 0 automagically after the time is up. You can observe what the timer does like so:

Another way to count something, punch the value into the Compare node:

Thank you, the way I was using the Timer was causing it to count up indefinitely

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