Looping through set of rotations in C++?

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this seems trivial - relatively new to UE4.

I am trying to get an object in UE4 to loop through a set list of possible poses. For example, say I have a cube, I would like it to rotate through all discrete/integer rotations (i.e. X = 0, Y=0, Z = 0 to X= 360, Y= 360, Z= 360) with a slight delay in each combination. Normally, in C++, this would be done fairly simply using a triple nested loop, but I’m not sure how to get this same functionality within Unreal. I have tried using tick functionality using a custom actor and using timers.

For background - I am a computer vision researcher exploring how an object detection system classifies certain objects from different poses/rotations. This is why I want to systematically loop through all rotation combinations.

Looking forward to any help. Thanks in advance!

So i assume you want to roate the object on every frame.

Then use tick. Only thing you need to remember that you need to scale delta values with delta time which is being delivered to tick as argument. Otherwise your calculation will be fps dependent. Like this: X += d * DeltaTime;. Note that FVector and FRotator as well as FTransform delivers you lot of functions that can help you out.