Looping node in SoundCue

The looping node in the soundcue says you can set it to loop a set number of times, but there’s no details panel when you select this node so you can input a number to control this.


Thank you for pointing out this error. I have tested this and can reproduce it, so I have entered a bug report and assigned it to our Audio engineer. Please let me know if you encounter any other unexpected behavior.


Hi - this has still not been implemented so could you flag it again,

Hi Billy,

I have upped the priority of the bug report, which will notify a developer that it is still not fixed. We do plan on overhauling the audio system in the near future, which may be what they are waiting for. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist you in the meantime.

Hi - thanks for highlighting this again. Can you give me any general indication of the timescale for this audio system overhaul ? Are we talking Nov / Dec or Jan / Feb ??

It’s a little while out. We have a few other features that are currently in the works that we would want to get through first so that the infrastructure is where we need it to be for an overhaul. I can see how it is a frustrating thing, so I had bumped it up so that they may fix it beforehand.

OK - thanks again,

Ahem, would be really nice to have the Looping node random no of loops functionality back (still not in 4.6). It’s really useful for creating clusters of activity rather than just a random spread. Thanks.


I went through the previous versions and the current ones and saw this node was the same throughout. I also decided to check out the documentation in case I was missing something about the ‘Looping’ node and how it is used. Here is what I discovered.

Looping Node

Enveloper Node

Essentially the looping node is used in conjuction with other nodes to be able to control the amount of loops per individual sound.

The ‘Enveloper’ node is what you want to use to have greater control over the “looping” factor, including the loop count.

I have entered a bug report to change the ‘Looping’ node’s tooltip because it is misleading. However the node itself probably will not see a change because how it is implemented within the engine is as intended. Try using the ‘Enveloper’ node to see if you get your desired results. I hope this gave you some helpful information!


thanks for looking into this. Yes the tooltip is currently misleading : “Defines how a sound loops;either indefinitely or for a set number of times” since you can’t set it to loop for a given number of times. It doesn’t “control the amount of loops per individual sound” it simply loops the system indefinitely. You did have this functionality in UE3 and it was pretty useful so I guess this is a feature request, to reinstate this. The Enveloper node doesn’t provide this feature since its looping is in regard to the envelope i.e. how many times you want the envelope to loop - not the sound itself.
Thanks again,