Looping Map

Hey there.

I’d like to have a world map you can walk on. Is there a possibility to loop a map?

I don’t know if there’s a simple way to do this, but a traditional method is to have a map that pretends to be wrapping.
Basically, you map out your geometry, then take an edge area, copy it and attach it to the opposite edge of the map. In this way, you create a purely cosmetic dead zone that gives an impression that you are wrapping around to the opposite end of the map.
Then you add teleporters in front of the dead zones.
The player reaches the edge of the map, thinks they are travelling seamlessly, reaches the dead zone and gets instantly teleported to the other edge of the map. If done properly, the teleportation is unnoticeable to the player.

Sounds like a very hacky solution :confused:

You can either teleport player, or teleport everything else. Imo teleporting player is less hacky.

Or you can use portals (After you implement them in C++). But portals work for indoor maps doing outdoor will be messy.

Is there a possibility to use World Composition for this?