Looping BGM With Quartz: Delay in Shipped Version Only?

I’m working on setting up a BGM loop for a short game, and I’m using Quartz to line up tracks properly. I have an intro clip that plays once and a main clip that loops continuously afterwards. This works as intended within the editor, but when I publish the project and open the EXE, there’s a short delay (~1 beat) between the end of the intro and the start of the loop. The 2nd loop is on time with the intro though, meaning you can hear a short gap after the intro and a short overlap between the 1st and 2nd loops. Afterwards the looping works perfectly.

Any ideas on why this doesn’t happen in the editor? Where should I look to make this work in both editor and release?

Snippets of the BP for reference:


  • BPM for both tracks is 180
  • Intro is 4 bars, loop is 40
  • IntroBarSkip is set to 36 to account for length of intro

Bumping this, I’d really appreciate some guidance on possible editor vs release differences

After playing around with launch settings, the issue seems to have fixed itself. Unfortunately I don’t know what specifically caused it aside from using a custom launch profile that I made by following Unreal’s documentation on cooking for release.