Looping automatic rifle fire animation of arms (First Person)

Hi there, I’d love to ask as I’m kinda struggling to figure out how to get my arms animation loop while still being in full auto mode? This is what happens now :


What happens currently?
also, montages can be set to loop and repeat indefinitely.
you could use that but youd have to manually stop the montage when firing is stopped.

Currently, notice the arms when I go full auto, they remain static as they should also loop, but I’m not sure how to reach that :confused:

I would move the noise out past the branch btw.

can you hear the sound/does the weapon cycle correctly?

if yes, maybe the issue is the montage hasn’t stopped or cannot play again by the time it is called the second time (try increasing the delay).

Yes, the sounds are fine, I just moved the noise after the sequence, and increasing delay didnt work, it actually made the whole system just single bullet firing mode :frowning:

Well, that’s your problem then. The last branch is evaluating to false between shots.
That means something is causing “Aiming” to be overwritten or changed.

are you sure that this is the problem? because I’m trying to fire when aiming, and when not aiming, both times the animation of both rifle and hands is played once and then remains static…

If the sound does the same - Yes.
Otherwise print a string before and after the montage to get an in game response of the status. You.can append the ammo to it to get a number.

Also, using the debug flow view will help on that.