Loop Camera Shake

In UE4 , there is an old way to play an specific Camera Shake Sequencer , and check Loop option
this can be an Loop Camera Anim , even if this is only work on Matinee , it’s a solution.

UE5 had remove matinee , I can’t open matinee asset anymore , so how to make an Loop Camera Sequencer ? Why there no loop option anymore ?

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If you’re looking to loop a Camera Shake, you can set the duration in the Camera Shake class to “0”.

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Sorry , there is no “Duration” in a Camera Shake Class that Pattern is set to Sequence Camera Shake Pattern

Are you Cloud user of Unreal Engine 5 ?

Unfortunately I cannot find a way to get the Camera Sequence to loop.

But you can use the Wave Oscillator Camera Shake Pattern in a custom made CameraShakeBase, those can loop indefinitely. And if you want stack multiple effects you can use the Composite Camera Shake Pattern to layer multiple types on top, and each can have different durations.

Thanks, it make me think that only me use a Sequencer Camera Shake to loop. In UE4 , matinee has a lot of features like loopable Camera shake , then in UE4.26 , it’s gone . Finally , in UE5 , Matinee has gone forever , and so does these features … so sad.

There is controls to have it loop forever in Sequencer, but it doesn’t seem to apply the pre and post-infinite settings to the camera shake.

If you’re adamant about keeping your curve, you can set post-inifinity to cycle and just drag the end time waaaaaaaay out. Not sure what that does on compute efficiency, and it is inelegant, but it works.