Loop and Stop audio with Box Triggers

New UE user here! I’m pretty stumped on something I’m trying to set up with audio and triggers.

I’m attempting to have different parts of my audio start, loop, and stop depending on what box trigger has been hit.

For example, after hitting Trigger Box 1, Audio 1 will begin playing. After reaching the end of the audio, it will loop back, UNLESS Trigger Box 2 has been hit. If Trigger Box 2 has been hit, Audio 1 will finish its loop and stop, at which point Audio 2 will begin playing with the same rules (but for Trigger Box 3). I’ve been able to trigger the audio files for the first go round without issue, but the looping and stopping is giving me trouble.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

I was actually able to figure this out! Happy to share if anyone is interested

If this is to manage patterns, i’m interested!

Yes Z3-R0. I’m interested in your solution. I’m just trying to stop a sound from playing using a trigger box! (That was started by another trigger box). Will you please share? Thanks.