Loop an animation a certain number of times

Hey, i’m making a shotgun for my game, and I want to play the reload animation multiple times acording to the number of ammo the player needs to reload. Any Idea on how to do that?

add Animation Notify to the reload animation
Anim BP > TryGetPawnOwner > CastTo Character > Send the character data through a Blueprint Interface to other Blueprints

sorry but can you explain more? i don’t realy understand how i can loop the animation like this

youtube videos on how to play animation and loop animation

Reloading should be using a Montage.
On completion of montage play, increment mag count, deduct from ammo pool, then check if the weapon is fully loaded (max ammo). If false, call the reload process again.

Event Reload: Play Montage, on completion/anim notify → Set Mag Ammo, Set Ammo Pool → Branch (Mag Ammo < Max Ammo)[true] → Call Event Reload.

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